Donnerstag, März 08, 2018

Matanza Boiler Room Tulum x Comunite Live Set

Echoes from Alma ∞ Omega - Soul Tapestry

"This musical-tapestry unfolded from the darkest depths of Winter, a time of soulfulness, introspection, reflection on Life: it’s impermanence, it’s cycles, it’s constant change and flux…constantly dancing with some part of being that never changes, always witnessing…

This mix represents all of the cycles of Life, it’s multi-layered textures & emotions: from serious to playful, from elder-plant-wisdom to child-like innocence, from Death to the Womb, and then back again for a human-soul-ride once again…Past-Present-Future : on the Soul Level, It’s all happening.

I am in deep gratitude to the potent wisdom found in the words of elder Ram Dass, who brings us back to the rich nourishment of the Soul—our Soul—the timeless comfort of this great mystery…an anchor to remember to swim and in Loving Awareness, time and time again…Equally in deep gratitude to past-present-future artists & magicians, channeling their beauty and truth."

Alma ∞ Omega

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