Montag, März 28, 2016

The Causal Ocean Mix by Jota Karloza

Seasidetrip Easter Special 2016 - The Causal Ocean Mix by Jota Karloza

«The Causal Ocean is the substance (originally a sort of dark cloud in a corner of the spiritual sky in Vaicunta ) of where the material world is created. Material Nature eternally resides within the Causal Ocean. To start the material creation, Maha Vishnu glares to Nature Material shaking to begin to expand the material elements. The material universe seen from within appears surrounded by the same Causal Ocean as a shell surrounding water and is called the Viraja River. Vishnu enters each universe and every atom sits in the hearts of all living entities as the Supersoul . - We sailed on the ocean, we are part of the imagination of some God materializes through his power, giving us this eternal moment. Thus the capacity co-creator of the universe. Everything is mind and nothing else. opening consciousness of this truth allows us a pleasant journey in this causal ocean. - My musical research is no different from my spiritual quest, always creating a brotherhood between different knowledge and cultures, an attempt to universalize both our indigenous roots, such as our vision for the future. - in this set try to create a journey through consciousness, musics that elevate me to another dimension …»